Applications - Specifically developed products

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The following application areas include the products designed specifically for them. The references to the related product groups point to similar products that may fit alternatively.

Explosionsschutz_72dpi > Intrinsically Safe

Intrinsically Safe


Vandalenschutz_72dpi > Vandal Proof

Vandal Proof


Aussenanwendungen_72dpi > Outdoor & Non Protected Environment

Outdoor & Non Protected Environment


Stromverteilung_72dpi > Power Distribution Units

Power Distribution Units


Transportation_72dpi > Transportation



Haushaltgeräte_72dpi > Household Equipment

Household Equipment


Lebensmittelverarbeitung_Infoblock_3_1 > Food Processing

Food Processing


Audio_Infoblock_3_1 > Audio Products

Audio Products


Beleuchtungstechnik_Infoblock_3_1 > Lighting





SCHURTER expands its successful range of FMBC NEO 3-phase filters with a low leakage current se ...
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> 6100-3

SCHURTER now offers two appliance inlets in splash-water proofed versions. The appliance inlet  ...
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> DA22

SCHURTER is pleased to announce, that its compact KFA and DA22 series power entry modules, with ...
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> DC12

SCHURTER expands its wide range of power entry modules to include versions, without ground pin, ...
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