Applications - Specifically developed products

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The following application areas include the products designed specifically for them. The references to the related product groups point to similar products that may fit alternatively.

Explosionsschutz_72dpi > Intrinsically Safe

Intrinsically Safe


Vandalenschutz_72dpi > Vandal Proof

Vandal Proof


Aussenanwendungen_72dpi > Outdoor & Non Protected Environment

Outdoor & Non Protected Environment


Stromverteilung_72dpi > Power Distribution Units

Power Distribution Units


Transportation_72dpi > Transportation



Haushaltgeräte_72dpi > Household Equipment

Household Equipment


Lebensmittelverarbeitung_Infoblock_3_1 > Food Processing

Food Processing


Audio_Infoblock_3_1 > Audio Products

Audio Products


Beleuchtungstechnik_Infoblock_3_1 > Lighting




> Glow Wire

When it comes to household appliances used in unattended operation, the provisions of standard  ...

Metal Line Switches with Multicolor illumination and variable input voltage. SCHURTER is expand ...
> T12-MSM

SCHURTER is merging its expertise in the area of robust metal switches with reliable circuit br ...
Data Sheet

SCHURTER, the leading provider of fuse holders, is expanding its range to include a fuse clip d ...
Data Sheet