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SCHURTER is a leading innovator, manufacturer and distributor of fuses, connectors, circuit breakers, input systems and EMC products – and an important service provider for the PCB assembly and electronics industries. We focus on components ensuring the clean and safe supply of power and ease of use.

SGE_GS_Gerätesicherungen_Auswahlbild_Gross_OGN SGE_CBE_Geräteschutzschalter_Auswahlbild_Gross_TA36 Spannungswähler_mit_Sicherung_SWK_Produkt_Merkmal_klein > Circuit Protection

Fuses & Fuseholders
Circuit Breakers
Voltage Selector


SGE_GST_PG05_Gerätesteckerkombielemente_ohne_Filter_DC21_Neuproduktfoto SGE_GST_Gerätestecker_Auswahlbild_Klein_GSP Geringe_Einbautiefe_bei_Kabelstecker_4790_Produkt_Merkmal_klein Uerbersichtsbild_Verteilleisten_klein AnschlussKAbel_Produkt_Merkmal_klein SGE_GST_Daten_Signalstecker_Auswahlbild_4802_1300_RaaG SGE_GST_Audiostecker_Auswahlbild_4832_1300_RaaG SGE_GST_DC_Stecker_Auswahlbild_4840_1210_RaaG SGE_GST_DIN_Stecker_Auswahlbild_4850_2510_RaaG SGE_Other_PG08_Prüfstecker_Buchsen_Stecker_Kupplungen_PB_1021_Neuproduktfoto 61XX_IP54_vorn_Pressebild Mating_Connectors_Pressebild Wire_Harness_Uebersichtsbild SGE_GST_Gerätestecker_Auswahlbild_Gross_KFA > Connectors

Power Entry Modules without Filter
Connectors (Inlets/Outlets)
Cord Connectors (rewireable)
Distribution Units
Cord Sets
Data and Signal Plug/Socket

Audio Plug/Sockets
DC Plug/Socket
DIN Plug/Socket
Test Jacks & Probes
Mating Connectors
Wire Harness Offer
General Product Information

MSM_Ringbeleuchtung_Produkt_Merkmal_klein SMS_Produktaufnahme LDT_Merkmal_klein PTS_Merkmal_klein SGE_Other_PG10_Anzeigeelemente_ASL_3mm_Neuproduktfoto Piezotastaturen_Pressebild_1 61XX_IP54_vorn_Pressebild MSM_Ringbeleuchtung_Produkt_Merkmal_klein > Switches

Metal Line Switches
Printmount Switches
Frontpanel Switches
Public Transport Switch
Metal Line Keypads

General Product Information

SGE_GST_Gerätestecker_Auswahlbild_Gross_KFA SGE_GST_PG06_Einphasen_Blockfilter_FMLB_Neuproduktfoto FMBC_Merkmal_klein SGE_EMV-Komponenten_Auswahlbild_Klein_DKIP SGE_EMV_PG85_Impulstransformatoren_IS_Neuproduktfoto SGE_GST_Gerätestecker_Auswahlbild_Gross_KFA SGE_EMS_Auftaktseite_SRaaG_03 > EMC Products

Power Entry Modules with Filter
Single Phase Block Filters
3-Phase Block Filters
Suppression Chokes
Pulse Transformers
General Product Information


Multibox_Detail_A FQE_8601_2020_red Transipillar_hex_S_S_Pressebild_1 2867, SGE GST, PG07, G-Stecker 16A/für Kabel > Other Products

Utility Boxes & Accessories*
ECONO Products***
Transipillars, Spacers
Discontinued Products


** Please note Utility Boxes are only sold in Switzerland
*** ECONO Products are designed and manufactured by SCHURTER Electronics (India) Pvt. Ltd. or by Chi Lick SCHURTER Ltd. (Designed in Hong Kong/Manufactured in mainland PRC)



SCHURTER’S popular KEA series provides simple and cost effective cord retaining solution.
Data Sheet

FMEB and FMEC – Optimized filters for DC applications from SCHURTER
Data Sheet

Metal Switch with extended illumination colours and integrated series resistor
> 5150

5150 – First of its kind filtered IEC inlet performs at high frequencies up to 1 GHz and beyond ...
Data Sheet