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SCHURTER is a leading innovator, manufacturer and distributor of fuses, connectors, circuit breakers, input systems and EMC products – and an important service provider for the PCB assembly and electronics industries. We focus on components ensuring the clean and safe supply of power and ease of use.

SGE_GS_Gerätesicherungen_Auswahlbild_Gross_OGN SGE_CBE_Geräteschutzschalter_Auswahlbild_Gross_TA36 Spannungswähler_mit_Sicherung_SWK_Produkt_Merkmal_klein > Circuit Protection

Fuses & Fuseholders
Circuit Breakers
Voltage Selector


SGE_GST_PG05_Gerätesteckerkombielemente_ohne_Filter_DC21_Neuproduktfoto SGE_GST_Gerätestecker_Auswahlbild_Klein_GSP Geringe_Einbautiefe_bei_Kabelstecker_4790_Produkt_Merkmal_klein Uerbersichtsbild_Verteilleisten_klein AnschlussKAbel_Produkt_Merkmal_klein SGE_GST_Daten_Signalstecker_Auswahlbild_4802_1300_RaaG SGE_GST_Audiostecker_Auswahlbild_4832_1300_RaaG SGE_GST_DC_Stecker_Auswahlbild_4840_1210_RaaG SGE_GST_DIN_Stecker_Auswahlbild_4850_2510_RaaG SGE_Other_PG08_Prüfstecker_Buchsen_Stecker_Kupplungen_PB_1021_Neuproduktfoto 61XX_IP54_vorn_Pressebild Mating_Connectors_Pressebild Wire_Harness_Uebersichtsbild SGE_GST_Gerätestecker_Auswahlbild_Gross_KFA > Connectors

Power Entry Modules without Filter
Connectors (Inlets/Outlets)
Cord Connectors (rewireable)
Distribution Units
Cord Sets
Data and Signal Plug/Socket

Audio Plug/Sockets
DC Plug/Socket
DIN Plug/Socket
Test Jacks & Probes
Mating Connectors
Wire Harness Offer
General Product Information

MSM_Ringbeleuchtung_Produkt_Merkmal_klein SMS_Produktaufnahme LDT_Merkmal_klein PTS_Merkmal_klein SGE_Other_PG10_Anzeigeelemente_ASL_3mm_Neuproduktfoto Piezotastaturen_Pressebild_1 61XX_IP54_vorn_Pressebild MSM_Ringbeleuchtung_Produkt_Merkmal_klein > Switches

Metal Line Switches
Printmount Switches
Frontpanel Switches
Public Transport Switch
Metal Line Keypads

General Product Information

SGE_GST_Gerätestecker_Auswahlbild_Gross_KFA SGE_GST_PG06_Einphasen_Blockfilter_FMLB_Neuproduktfoto FMBC_Merkmal_klein SGE_EMV-Komponenten_Auswahlbild_Klein_DKIP SGE_EMV_PG85_Impulstransformatoren_IS_Neuproduktfoto SGE_GST_Gerätestecker_Auswahlbild_Gross_KFA SGE_EMS_Auftaktseite_SRaaG_03 > EMC Products

Power Entry Modules with Filter
Single Phase Block Filters
3-Phase Block Filters
Suppression Chokes
Pulse Transformers
General Product Information


Multibox_Detail_A FQE_8601_2020_red Transipillar_hex_S_S_Pressebild_1 2867, SGE GST, PG07, G-Stecker 16A/für Kabel > Other Products

Utility Boxes & Accessories*
ECONO Products***
Transipillars, Spacers
Discontinued Products


** Please note Utility Boxes are only sold in Switzerland
*** ECONO Products are designed and manufactured by SCHURTER Electronics (India) Pvt. Ltd. or by Chi Lick SCHURTER Ltd. (Designed in Hong Kong/Manufactured in mainland PRC)


> 5123

SCHURTER's latest 5123 series filtered inlet adds filter performance to the already successful  ...
Data Sheet
> Wire Harness

SCHURTER presents the new Wire Harness Service for its IEC connector and filter products
Data Sheet

Metal Switch with extended illumination colours and integrated series resistor

To assist in the simulation of circuits, SCHURTER now offers SPICE libraries for common-mode ch ...
Data Sheet