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PSE_HI_22_gruen_Symbol_1_erhaben_Pressebild_1 PSE_HI_22_gruen_Symbol_1_erhaben_Pressebild_1

Customer Specific Engraving

Signs can be engraved individually

PSE_HI_22_blau_Symbol_Y_plus_Braille_Pressebild_1 PSE_HI_22_blau_Symbol_Y_plus_Braille_Pressebild_1

Customer Specific Brail Embossing

Brail Signs can be embossed individually together with laser engraving

MCS_18_Frontpanel_Flyerbild_2 MCS_18_Frontpanel_Flyerbild_2

Customer Specific Printing

Emblems and descriptions can be designed individually

1241.2800_3_Pressebild_1_MCS19_STD_BET_rot 1241.2800_3_Pressebild_1_MCS19_STD_BET_rot

Variaous Color and Material Combinations

Materials, surface treatments and colors may be combined individually

MSM_19_CS_LE_rot_Lampe_1241.7026.1121075_SGE_Switches_PG70 MSM_19_CS_LE_rot_Lampe_1241.7026.1121075_SGE_Switches_PG70

Customized Illumination Colors

Individual color settings for illuminations are available

Customer Specific Switches

Switches and buttons are freely configurable. The variety of marking and lighting options, as well as the different materials and surface shapes are customized executable. This allows, based on a broad standard range, that specific embodiments, can be adjusted according to the respective customer's design.

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