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Fuses & Fuseholders

SCHURTER fuses, available in resettable and non-resettable versions, protect electric and electronic equipment against overcurrent. Varistors are similar components used for overvoltage protection.

Resettable Fuses

SCHURTER's resettable fuses are designed for protection of low voltage DC circuits. Resettable fuses limit fault current to acceptable levels while a fault is present.

Non Resettable Fuses

SCHURTER's non-resettable fuses provide low voltage primary and secondary protection. Devices meet applicable international safety standards. The MGA-S type fuse complies with ESA/ESCC generic specification No. 4008 for use in space.

Telecom Fuses

SCHURTER's telecom fuses provide secondary protection in telecommunications equipment. Devices meet applicable international safety standards.


SCHURTER's fuseholders include types for holding cartridge fuses and types for sub-miniature and miniature fuses.

Fuseholder Blocks & Clips

SCHURTER's fuseholders include devices for holding cartridge fuses and types for sub-miniature and miniature fuses.


The suitable accessories to the SCHURTER products presented in the overview.

General Product Information

The general product information contains detailed information on product approvals, code requirements, technical details, usage instructions and detailed test conditions.

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