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The reference to the related product groups offer to look up for any similar product that might fit alternatively.

Medizinaltechnik > Medical Equipment

Explanation of medical equipment


Medizintechnik_Industriesegment_medizinnahe_Produkte > Suitable for Medical Equipment

Explanation of products suitable for medical equipment


Erneuerbare_Energie > Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy


Raumfahrt > Space Technology

Space Technology


Telecom > Telecom/ Datacom

Telecom/ Datacom




To assist in the simulation of circuits, SCHURTER now offers SPICE libraries for common-mode ch ...
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> Glow Wire

When it comes to household appliances used in unattended operation, the provisions of standard  ...
> DC12

SCHURTER expands its wide range of power entry modules to include versions, without ground pin, ...
Data Sheet

SCHURTER, the leading provider of fuse holders, is expanding its range to include a fuse clip d ...
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