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Façade Signs

Façade Plates: Your pictorial logo displayed perfectly on your façade.

Facade Signs from SCHURTER are perfect for the purposes of conveying specific messages. Looking for signposting or a means of conveying your company name effectively? Then the Facade Signs from SCHURTER are the perfect solution!

With SCHURTER Facade Signs you'll be able to enjoy optimum image-building relatively simply. We'll print your company name or logo (for instance) on a high-quality aluminium or stainless steel facade plate. Or how about a full-colour image on an aluminium plate next to the entrance to your premises? Making a first impression has never been as effective as it is with a Facade Plate from SCHURTER.

Benefits of SCHURTER Facade Signs:

   Full-colour printing



   Resistant to cleaning agents

   Suitable for indoor and outdoor usage

   Suitable for both small and large print runs

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Facade advertising with SCHURTER advertising signs

Facade Signs from SCHURTER are used in a wide array of applications. The largest common denominator is that the advertising signs are attached to the façade. Furthermore, there are numerous applications for which facade advertising is the right solution.

SCHURTER Facade Signs are exceptionally well suited to being used to decorate your premises - consider in this regard façade advertising. What's more, SCHURTER’s Facade Signs are also commonly used as signposting in such buildings as museums. In short, the Facade Signs from SCHURTER are the perfect solution for any message you'd like to convey by means of attaching something to the facade of your building.

Materials and Techniques

Painting, sanding, anodizing, engraving - everything is possible!

Facade Signs from SCHURTER can be made in a variety of ways and from various materials. For example, you could opt for full-colour printing on an aluminium facade plate, or have your company logo on a plastic facade plate.

A facade plate from SCHURTER can be processed in countless ways. Thus one possibility is to create a luxurious effect by painting in the text and sanding, anodizing or engraving it. A common combination of materials is stainless steel/aluminium with plastic. It's even possible to use 3D Facade Signs! Thereby assuring you that your facade plate will make you stand out!

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