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Universally comprehensible, custom-made and in line with ISO standard

Universally comprehensible instruction and alerts

Pictograms are used for rapid, universally comprehensible communication. A pictogram clearly depicts a warning, command or prohibition. Thus making it easy for you to communicate your product's safety considerations or instructions for use.

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Custom-made or standard off the shelf

Pictograms from SCHURTER can be developed according to your specific wishes and requirements depending on the application. Combining a wide range of production techniques and basic materials made of metal and plastic enables us to create a unique command sticker or safety symbol.

SCHURTER is the place to come for pictogram stickers, pictogram signs, aluminium pictograms, stainless steel pictograms (printed, lasered or etched), as well as polyurethane-cast safety and command pictograms.

ISO standards with the added value of SCHURTER

A set of standard pictograms is defined in such international standards as ISO 7010. In addition to these standard pictograms, the pictograms from SCHURTER will add value to your products by means of wear-resistant image and enhanced pulling power.

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