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SCHURTER is a leading innovator, manufacturer and distributor of fuses, connectors, circuit breakers, input systems and EMC products – and an important service provider for the PCB assembly and electronics industries. We focus on components ensuring the clean and safe supply of power and ease of use.

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Fuses & Fuseholders


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Circuit Breakers


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EMC Products




SCHURTER is expanding its successful FMER series of high-current filters with a model for high  ...
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> DKIH-1

SCHURTER expands its wide range of current compensated chokes with high current types for PCB m ...
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> DC12

SCHURTER expands its wide range of power entry modules to include versions, without ground pin, ...
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> T9-818

SCHURTER's T9 fuseholder style circuit breaker series is now expanded to include Model T9-818 f ...
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