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> T12-MSM: robust circuit breaker with design appeal
SCHURTER is merging its expertise in the area of robust metal switches with reliable circuit breakers into a unique product: the T12-MSM is the first circuit breaker on the market that is extremely attractive from a visual standpoint. With its extraordinary actuating appeal, the T12-MSM need not be used as just another switch to be hidden on the rear of the equipment; rather it can be stylishly displayed on the front.

SCHURTER combines its circuit breakers with thermal operation (T12) and thermal-magnetic operation (TM12) with its MSM series metal switches. The T12-MSM, creates a market innovation that marries overcurrent protection with an attractive pushbutton design.

The MSM switches are characterized by their visual appeal and operating characteristics. Both the housing and the actuator are fabricated from high-quality stainless steel, and there are a variety of design options including size, color, lighting and inscription.

The T12 and TM12 are reliable circuit breakers with positive trip-free operation. The contacts open even if the reset button is manually held in the closed position. They reliably protect equipment with rated currents from 50 mA to 16 A. The optional magnetic release, protects against increased risk of short circuits.

The combination of the T12 circuit breaker and the MSM switch now unites all these features in a product that is also extremely robust. With a vandal-proof design, IP 64 tightness protection and IK 07 impact resistance, the T12-MSM is also suited for outdoor applications and use in harsh environments. Additionally, the look and feel is novel for a circuit breaker and stands out among other circuit breakers as a true designer piece, suitable for mounting on the front side of the equipment, where an appealing design is paramount. The T12-MSM offers unprecedented product-design opportunities for applications where moderate overcurrents can occur. Among its wide range of possible uses are applications requiring electromechanical shielding, outdoor applications, and especially applications with electric motors.

Datasheet T12-MSM

Datasheet TM12-MSM

Circuit Breakers


> SCHURTER T9 now available for PCB mounting
SCHURTER's T9 fuseholder style circuit breaker series is now expanded to include Model T9-818 for PCB mounting. The new model complements the existing T9 series assortment for panel mounting, providing a complete range of mounting styles equivalent to closed fuseholders.

The T9 series circuit breaker with the Model T9-818 for PCB mounting fills a gap in SCHURTER’s T9 product line and the market. The T9 series feature dimensions comparable to those of traditional fuse holders, and is likewise similarly designed for direct placement on circuit boards. SCHURTER’s existing T9 series features quick-connect terminal types for front and rear snap in panel mounting, as well as thread neck mounting.

As with all PCB mounted components, assembly costs are considerably lower because fewer materials are used and wires are eliminated to fully automate assembly. In addition, the T9-818 is more compact than quick-connect terminal types and thus requires less space. Furthermore, its slim design means the reset button protrudes only minimally from the front panel. Two mounting pins provide additional mechanical support on the circuit board and protect the solder connections from additional pressure when the reset button is activated.

The shape of the T9 circuit breaker is very similar to that of a fuse holder and thus offers an excellent alternative to 5x20 fuses and their respective fuseholders, where current surges can lead to premature tripping and aging over time. In contrast, circuit breakers prevent unnecessary down time, by eliminating the need for changing fuses, as well as the associated risk of inadvertently inserting a fuse with the incorrect current rating, which may lead to equipment damage. A further advantage of circuit breakers is the reset button, which springs out to indicate when the device trips. Reset is achieved by a simple push of the button. Typical application areas for circuit breakers include use in power supplies, UPS systems, PDUs, electric tools, industrial applications, medical diagnostic equipment, analysis systems, lighting fixtures, HVAC products as well as equipment for sports and leisure activities. The T9 product line carries these approbations: UL, VDE and CCC.

3D-Model of T9-818

Video T9 Diversity of Variants


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> Circuit breaker with antibacterial cover

SCHURTER now offers its popular TA35 thermal circuit breaker with a new antibacterial protective cover. This allows the TA35 to be used in applications designed to thwart the spread of bacteria, such as equipment used in medical and laboratory facilities, as well as food production plants.

The antibacterial effectiveness of the cover has been tested and confirmed according to ISO 22196, particularly the protection against the growth of Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus bacteria strains. Additionally, the silver ions contained in the protective cover prevent the growth of numerous other organisms.

The circuit breaker combined with the antibacterial cover is ideal for use in equipment where hygiene plays an important role, including equipment subjected to rigorous wash downs. The transparent antibacterial cover on the TA35 carries an IP65 rating to protect against the ingress of water and dust. It also withstands the use of common cleaning agents and disinfectants.

The circuit breaker with thermal overcurrent protection is used all over the world in applications requiring a high degree of safety and reliability. It is available in 1-pole, 2-pole and 3-pole versions and can be configured according to customer specific requirements. Six colors and a range of legends or customer-specific symbols can be selected for the illuminated or non-illuminated rocker switch. The switches are designed for efficient snap-in mounting in panel thicknesses from 1 to 4 mm and are equipped with 6.3 x 0.8 mm terminals.

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SCHURTER is merging its expertise in the area of robust metal switches with reliable circuit br ...
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SCHURTER's T9 fuseholder style circuit breaker series is now expanded to include Model T9-818 f ...
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