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> IEC outlet with IDC terminals speed assembly for power distribution units
SCHURTER announces its latest IEC appliance outlet with insulation displacement contact (IDC) terminals, the 4710. The new outlet provides increased power ratings over the popular 6610 series for heavier duty PDU applications.

The 4710 is a J style outlet according to IEC 60320, rated 20 A @ 250 VAC by UL/CSA and 16 A @ 250 VAC by ENEC. The lower current version, 6610 series, is a style F outlet, rated 15 A @ 250 VAC and 10 A @ 250 VAC respectively. The 4710 provides IDC terminals for 10 AWG / 6.0 mm2 in addition to 12 AWG / 4.0 mm2, which is the standard wire size for the 6610. The new wire option allows for larger diameter wire for the 4710's increased power capabilities. The snap-in outlets fit panels with a thickness between 0.8 mm and 3 mm.

The 4710 and 6610 outlets are qualified for use in applications designed to IEC/EN 60950. Ideal for use in power distribution units, and other equipment where multiple outlets are banked in series, these IDC outlets allow wires to be bussed across the terminals, thereby connecting common terminals all at once and significantly reducing labor costs. The IDC terminals are arranged either along or across the connector pin axis for a horizontal or vertical mounting orientation. Wires are pressed into place with the protective back cover or with a tool. Versions with combination IDC and a quick-connect or solder terminal, for separate wiring of the line connection, are also available.

The outlets are offered with light pipe options for status indication. They also mate with V-Lock latching cordsets designed to prevent unintentional disconnection from the power. Approvals include cURus, ENEC and CCC.

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> 5707: with IP 54 protected V-Lock cord set
SCHURTER is pleased to announce, that its power entry module, series 5707, now offers IP 54 protection with V-Lock cord sets at the power input, in addition to IP 65 protection to the equipment. The sealed module is ideal for use in medical equipment exposed to leaks, drips and spills, as well as equipment subject to routine washing.

The compact module combines an appliance inlet, fuseholder, and standard or medical EMC filter rated up to 8 A at 250 VAC. The original 5707 offers IP 65 seal protection at the panel opening, around the fuseholders, and between the inlet and connector pins. The module can also be fitted with an additional gasket in the inlet cavity for IP 54 protection between the inlet and the cord connector. A V-Lock cord set prevents unintentional disconnection.

The 5707 is cURus and ENEC approved. The appliance inlet complies with IEC/EN 60320-1; Fuseholders are shock-safe according to IEC/EN 60127-6, PC2. The module offers pre-wired electrical connections, using 6.3x0.8 quick connect terminals. Variations include: Class I, C14, or Class II, C18 appliance inlet; 1- or 2- pole fuseholders; front or rear mount mounting; capacitors class X1 and Y1 for increased voltage withstand; black or white plastic socket. Delivery is stock to six weeks.


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> The new SKD house connection box - the best solution in every case
The new SKD house connection box from SCHURTER will impress you by its innovative ideas and an outstanding design. The redesign has been worked out and realized in cooperation with various utility companies as well as several electricians. It stands out through its overall package of new solutions.

The first thing that catches your eye is the new, fresh design and the much smaller mounting depth of only 2cm. On opening the cover, which has a square 8mm bolt with slot to secure the inside fittings, the innovative technical fittings of the SCHURTER SKD house connection box are immediately visible.

These innovations include the new snap-lock, transparent and sealable inner cover that can be removed without a tool. After the inner cover has been removed, the new terminal covers act as protection against accidental contact in both the 63A model and the variant with a twin Woertz terminal. The SKD house connection box is fitted with a 160A switching element to ensure a safe and reliable shutdown of the system. This also measures the voltage directly at the contacts. This is enabled by a hinged window mounted on the switching element.

The new and comfortable connection technology stands out by a prism bracket for safe connections from 6-95mm2 without any bracket conversion. The tried-and-trusted twin Woertz terminal for looping and the M8 connection for cable lugs round off the varied assortment.

All SKD house connection boxes from SCHURTER are equipped with the all-round neutral conductor isolating link. The neutral conductor isolating link is suitable for use in networks that are grounded according to the TN-C and TN-S patterns. This transition can be realized with little work. The M8 external connection to ground is already firmly fixed in place.

In order to satisfy today's market requirements, the SKD house connection box from SCHURTER has been prepared for use with optionally a 3-pin switching element or three 1-pin high-speed circuit breakers.

With the wide range of accessories available from SCHURTER, the SKD house connection box can deliver the best solution in every case.

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> High-temperature power connectors – SCHURTER with a full range of products meeting IEC 60320, C22 & C21 @ 155⁰C
For applications requiring high power and corresponding power connectors rated for use at elevated ambient temperatures, SCHURTER now offers the 1681 appliance inlet and mating 1658 and 1659 cord connectors.

SCHURTER introduces its high temperature inlet and cord connectors series to extend its range of IEC high-temperature power inlets and outlets according to IEC/UL 60320. The high-temperature appliance inlets and cord connectors are designed according to IEC for 16 A at 250 VAC, and according to UL / CSA for 20 A at 250 VAC. Pin temperature may reach a maximum of 155°C. Furthermore, the appliance inlets and cord connectors meet the requirements of IEC 60335-1 for household appliances, which covers enhanced requirements of glow wire tests for unattended household appliances according to IEC 60695-2-12 and -13. They have approvals from ENEC, UL/ CSA and CCC.

The high-temperature appliance inlet, series 1681, offers types for snap-in or screw-on mounting. The inlet can be specified with terminals for solder, quick-connect or screw connections. The cord connector comes in a straight, series 1658, and an angled, series 1659, design. Cables with a conductor cross-section of up to 2.5 mm2 or 10 AWG can be used.

The IEC high-temperature appliance inlet and the cord connectors are RoHS and CHINA-ROHS compliant. They are used in equipment that operate in elevated ambient temperatures and/or with high currents, such as datacom equipment, where increased power and decreased size are trending, as well as portable industrial equipment such as heating systems.

Detailed specifications are available in the data sheets.

Datasheet 1681

Datasheet 1658

Datasheet 1659


> 5707 and 6100-3: Splash-water proofed IEC appliance inlets
SCHURTER now offers two appliance inlets in splash-water proofed versions. The appliance inlet 6100-3 with a sealing kit has a protection degree of IP 54, both into the equipment and to the cord connector. The 5707 power entry module with line filter offers IP 65 protection into the equipment as a standard feature. With the optional sealing kit, the coupling to the cable connector is additionally protected to IP 54.  

For applications in environments where there is splashing water, SCHURTER offers the two connector types 6100 and 5707 in an newly optional version with a sealing kit which guarantees IP 54 to the cord connectors.

The compact power entry module 5707 contains an appliance inlet C14, fuse holders and either a standard or medical line filter. As a standard feature it is rated to protection class IP 65 into the equipment and thus provides a tight seal against dust and splashes. The component provides seals at the assembly opening, at the screws, the fuse holders and between the connector pins and the connector housing.

With the new additional gasket in the appliance inlet, type 5707 is rated for IP 54 protection between the inlet and the cord connector when it is plugged in. The power entry module is particularly well suited for medical equipment that must routinely be cleaned and disinfected. This includes equipment such as diagnosis, dialysis and infusion units. It is also ideal for commercial applications, for example in beverage machines.

The C14 inlet type 6100-3 is also available with a sealing kit for a protection degree of IP 54 for both into the device as well as the coupling to the cable connector. This is suited for equipment used in outdoor applications, for vehicle charging units, for vehicle diagnostics as well as for ultrasound cleaning or stirring equipment in the laboratories.

Independent testing laboratories have examined and confirmed the reliability of the new sealing kits according to IEC 60529. To ensure the tightness of IP 54 with these sealed versions in actual use, the safety bracket (included in the kit) has to be applied to secure the cord set to the equipment.

Datasheet 5707

Datasheet 6100-3


> IEC appliance inlet GSP4 for print circuit boards
SCHURTER has developed a new 16 A appliance inlet for efficient mounting. Designed for print circuit board mounting, the appliance inlet can be easily sandwiched between split enclosures and tested before it is installed in the equipment. Stabilizing posts provide quick snap-in assembly to the PCB. A version with screw mount stabilizers is also available. 

The new IEC appliance inlet GSP4 from SCHURTER offers a compact solution for IEC C20 inlets used in applications where power components are board mounted. Equipped with print circuit board terminals for L, N & E, and a 6.3 x 0.8 mm quick connect or solder tab for additional ground to chassis, the GSP4 can be securely snapped-in or screwed-on to a print circuit board before soldering. This is achieved by means of robust stabilizing posts, which also serve to absorb withdrawal and insertion force. Rear mount styles are also available with or without mounting ears. An optional back-side cover for the appliance inlet is available for protection against accidental contact. The inlet is compatible with V-Lock cordsets. The V-Lock retaining system provides a safe and secure power connection by preventing unintentional disconnection of the power cord from the inlet. The GSP4 can also be delivered in Protection Class II, that is as an IEC C24 type socket. SCHURTER's GSP2 IEC C14, 10 A model, offers the same advantages and is proven itself on the market over many years.

The GSP4 is approved to IEC 60320 by ENEC and CCC for 16 A / 250 VAC, by UL for 20 A / 250 VAC and by CSA for 18 A / 250 VAC. These appliance inlets are suited for applications according to IEC/EN 60950 and fulfill the enhanced glow-wire test requirements for equipments according to IEC 60335-1. They provide excellent features in power supplies, IT equipment, medical electrical equipment, lighting systems as well as test and measurement systems.

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