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> PSE and MCS 30 multicolor switch with status display
Metal Line Switches with Multicolor illumination and variable input voltage. SCHURTER is expanding its PSE, piezo metal switch and MCS 30, mechanical metal switch series, with new illumination possibilities powered by variable input voltages. Based on the used RGB color technology, it’s now possible to indicate up to seven illumination color options with just one switch. The variable power supply offers a homogenous and brilliant illumination within a voltage range of 5 to 28 VDC.

The new multicolor illumination of the PSE and MCS 30 series is made easy using convenient color-coded wires in each of the illumination colors. Each color is given a specific voltage between 5 to 28 VDC. The constant brightness intensity is maintained regardless of applied voltage. The standard version is offered in red, green, and blue. Additional color options include yellow, cyan, magenta and white, which can be made through additive color mixing. As soon as the 2 or 3 wires are supplied with the applied voltage at the same time, the result is a mixed color. The traffic light colors of red, green and yellow (RGY) for status indication are also available as a standard version. No additive color mixing is required to produce the color yellow.

The new RGB multicolor illumination option greatly expands the application range of the PSE and MCS 30 button style switches. The PSE is available in 22 / 24 / 27 / 30 mm diameters; the MCS 30 is available with a 30 mm diameter. The PSE has an IP69K ingress protection rating. It has no moving actuator and is thus absolutely impervious to any leaks or accumulation of dirt underneath or around the switch surface. This technology is ideal for hygiene-related applications such as medical equipment, food processing equipment and outdoor applications subject to vandalism such as ticketing machines.

The MCS 30 is an alternative to the highly robust, solid state PSE. It is also designed for demanding applications, although it uses a tactile switch that provides a clear haptic feedback. It has a lifetime rating of one million actuations, as opposed to the PSE's 20 million operations. The switch contacts are sealed from the front and rated IP65.

Datasheet PSE NO 22

Datasheet PSE NO 24

Datasheet PSE NO 27

Datasheet PSE NO 30

Datasheet PSE AE 30

Datasheet MCS 30

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> PSE HI: piezo switch with raised symbols
The PSE HI (high impact) switches can now be delivered with raised symbols, letters and numbers in addition to various colors, or legend inscriptions. The switch surface is made of anodized aluminium, which can be pre-formed with raised symbols to provide long-term wear and excellent user haptics.

The aluminium surface of the PSE HI switches can be produced in various anodized colors. A variety of standard legends and/or raised symbols are offered to indicate function. The laser etched legends or pre-formed raised symbols provide long-term protection against wear. Raised symbols can be numbers, as well as characters from the Braille alphabet. These flexible design options make it possible to offer a wide variety of standard or custom options to meet individual design requirements.

The PSE HI piezo switches have an ingress protection class rating of IP67. The hermetic seal makes the switches ideal for use in areas that must be regularly cleaned or disinfected. Additionally, the switches offer a robust metal housing, well suited for use in harsh environments where there exists the potential for vandalism. The impact resistance according to DIN EN 50102 is IK06.

The PSE HI piezo switch is rated 0.1A @ 42 VAC/60 VDC. The piezo switching element offers an exceptionally long service life of more than 20 million switching cycles. Typical applications requiring such robust switch performance include pedestrian crossing walks, elevators, truck lifts, material-handling equipment, safety equipment, ticketing terminals, gas stations, food service equipment and processing plants.

Datasheet PSE HI 22

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> MSM LA CS: robust metal pushbutton switch with ceramic actuator surface
SCHURTER is expanding the MSM family of pushbutton switches with an additional version that features latching action: the MSM LA CS. The biocompatible ON/OFF metal switch can be backlit across its entire surface, making it both visually attractive and highly durable.

The new MSM LA CS ON/OFF stainless steel pushbutton switch from SCHURTER is equipped with an actuator made of durable ceramic. The same ceramic is already being used to manufacture the previously introduced MSM CS momentary action switches. The material resists scratches and abrasive chemicals as well as impacts; it can also be labeled with highly endurable legends.

The non-illuminated versions of the MSM LA CS and MSM CS switches are offered with a white actuator surface. Standard or customer-specific black legends are applied directly into the ceramic material. Due to the base material and the labeling process, the inscription is scratch-proof and stands up to common cleaning agents. The illumination design provides a uniform glow across the entire surface in the desired illumination color (red, green, blue, white, orange). These versions can also be labeled with symbols. The positive labeling is black. Inverse labeling is also possible.

The MSM LA CS pushbutton switch is available with mounting diameters of 19 and 22 mm. It is suited for use in a temperature range of -20 °C to +85 °C. With actuator travel greater than 5 mm, the MSM LA CS is ideal for applications where increased feedback of the switching status (ON/OFF) is required. In the OFF state, the actuator position protrudes from the housing; in the ON state, it is recessed to the housing. This makes for user-friendly actuation and also prevents inadvertent switching. Equipped with blade terminals, the MSM LA CS can be wired up very quickly: the pre-assembled cable set is plugged into the quick-connect terminals of the microswitch, which is then snapped into the housing.

The sturdy stainless steel housing and the actuator made of scratch-proof ceramic make the MSM LA CS latching action and MSM CS momentary action switches especially well suited for use in equipment operating in harsh environments, or applications that require protection against vandalism. These include, for instance, vending machines, ticket machines, equipment in restaurant operations, public facilities, sanitary facilities as well as applications in hypoallergenic environments such as the medical sector.

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Datasheet MSM LA CS 19

Datasheet MSM LA CS 22


> PSE EX: Piezo switch for use in hazardous environment with ATEX / IECEx – Certification
The PSE EX 16 family has been extended to include the PSE EX 19 and PSE EX 22 mounting diameter. Furthermore, the certification of the PSE EX was enhanced and expanded. The PSE EX family is approved for use in potentially explosive atmospheres containing air and gases. Further application areas also include industrial sectors such as mills, where solids are found in smallest form as dust, which may be prone to self-ignition.

Flammable substances such as gases, vapors or mist which are released into the environment, e.g. while in production, during transportation or storage, may ignite and pose serious consequences for persons and property. The same is true for dust which may develop in conjunction with air to an explosive atmosphere. To ensure security in these areas, the Device Directives 94/9/EC was developed for products and protection systems. The purpose of the guidelines is the protection of personnel and devices which are working in such hazardous areas. This is done by eliminating all possible sources of fire and ignitions in the products and systems used in these areas.

The PSE EX family is certified according to ATEX and IECEx regulations. The area of application is consistent with that of the device group II (other areas than mining). It comprises systems with a potentially explosive atmosphere consisting of a mixture of air and gases, vapors or mists or in industrial areas where dust-air blends infuse the atmosphere and the danger of a dust explosion can arise.

The approval marking is Ex II 2 GD (according ATEX regulations), Ex ib IIC T6 ... T5 Gb and Ex ib IIIC T85 ° C ... T100 ° C Db (according IEC regulations) for gases and dust.

The temperature class was extended from T4 to T5 and T6. Therefore the permissible power dissipation of the PSE EX was limited accordingly so that the piezo switch is intrinsically safe according to EN60079-11. In addition, the flammability group was increased from IIB to IIC, respectively IIIC (gas, dust). This extension will allow the use of the PSE EX in atmosphere with further type of gases, combustible dust, ignitable fibers and flyings.

Typical applications include oil and gas exploration rigs, petrochemical facilities, environments of transportation and storage of combustible materials, paint mixing devices, painting devices, grain mills, wood processing industry, chemical plants etc.

The PSE EX standard models are available with mounting diameters of 16, 19 and 22 mm with pin connectors and housing colors in red, green or natural aluminum. On request other colors, housing diameters and connection versions are obtainable. The switches for hazardous use have a label with the particulars of the certification and an identification number. Installation instructions are included in the packaging according to the ATEX directives. For detailed specifications see datasheet PSE EX.

Datasheet PSE EX 16

Datasheet PSE EX 19

Datasheet PSE EX 22

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> Illuminated Metal Switch
Metal Switch with extended illumination colours and integrated series resistor

The metal switch MSM from SCHURTER is available with extended illumination colours. The range of colours for standard items consists of red, green, yellow, blue and white.

An additional feature of the SCHURTER switches is an already integrated series resistor for the connection of the ring illumination or the surface illumination. The operator may choose between versions with supply voltages of 5 V, 12 V or 24 V.

The switches are available for mounting diameters of 19, 22 and 30 mm. The switching function is N.O, N.C and changeovers in 1- or 2-pin construction. Because of its small, low-profile front mounting of 1.7 mm, its protection class rating of IP67, and its high impact resistance, the switch is extremely robust and protected against vandalism. Various contact types cover a range for possible switching voltages from 5 VDC to 250 VAC. Switching currents from 0.1 to 10 ampere are possible.

Datasheet MSM22

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The PSE HI (high impact) switches can now be delivered with raised symbols, letters and numbers ...

Metal Line Switches with Multicolor illumination and variable input voltage. SCHURTER is expand ...

Metal Switch with extended illumination colours and integrated series resistor

The PSE EX 16 family has been extended to include the PSE EX 19 and PSE EX 22 mounting diameter ...