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Beleuchtung Beleuchtung

Specific Product Adaptation for Illumination Systems

SCHURTER supports its partner not only with single components. They will take care for the whole life cycle from the development to the manufacturing.

From the idea to the production

Schurter Solutions supports several process steps during the product live cycle.


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  • Stefan_Theiler_Damian_Gamma_Juerg_Mueller_Harry_Mayr_quer_Solutions_detail_2015

    Project Management

    From the project idea to the series introduction and the complete product lifecycle: SCHURTER assumes responsibility for unified project management. Customers, production plants, partners and suppliers collaborate as interconnected teams regardless of location.

  • Wertstromanalyse

    Production Concept

    SCHURTER has extensive manufacturing structures in Switzerland, Eastern Europe and China. Based on value stream mapping, we develop production concepts with the aim of a sustainable increase in the competitiveness of our customers. Consistent lean management at all sites ensures high process ...

  • SER_EMC_AVV_Paul_Grigore_Fixing_ferites


    Innovation begins with our customers. At SCHURTER Solutions we support it effectively from the idea to the realization with our broad-based development competences and our extensive know-how in the fields of mechanics, input systems, EMC, electronics or the integration of complex systems. ...

  • SMD_PCB_Leiterplatte_Transformator

    Obsolescence Management

    An assembly line standstill because of the unavailability of components should be prevented at all costs. SCHURTER is a member of the industrial association COG and works with selected databases and cutting edge software to guarantee the customers central supply security in a wide variety of ...

  • SAG_Luzern_GB_7_Spedition_Versand

    Production Relocation

  • Handshake_Jost_Ronald_Martin_Tobler_horizontal

    KAM / Stewards

    The range of development and manufacturing capabilities as well as products allow us integrated access to our customers. SCHURTER’s long-term objective and our daily motivation is to build and expand a reliable partnership with our customers in order to operate jointly and successfully in the ...

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