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Multibox_Detail_A > Utility Boxes & Accessories*


SCHURTER supplies many DIN-rail Asccessories, including DIN-style fuses, separation bars, switches, switch bars and multifunction housings for DIN applications.

FQE_8601_2020_red > ECONO Products***



SCHURTER ECONO Products are specific product designs for emerging markets.

Transipillar_hex_S_S_Pressebild_1 > Transipillars, Spacers



SCHURTER Transipillar are spacers for rugged and insulated board-to-board and board-to-chassis mounting.

2867, SGE GST, PG07, G-Stecker 16A/für Kabel > Discontinued Products



Overview of discontinued SCHURTER products, which are no longer manufactured.

** Please note Utility Boxes are only sold in Switzerland
*** ECONO Products are designed and manufactured by SCHURTER Electronics (India) Pvt. Ltd. or by Chi Lick SCHURTER Ltd. (Designed in Hong Kong/Manufactured in mainland PRC)

New Products

> Transipillars

 The well established product Transipillar is newly available on the SCHURTER website. Various  ...
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