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1990 Company formation, structure and internal working from home production electromagnetic components

1991-92 Agreement with Siemens Switzerland for winding goods and agreement with SCHURTER Lucerne for line filters

1993-97 Beginning PCB mount for Belimo

Start production in Romania

Certification acc. ISO 9001

1998-99 First SMD - Production - Installation of EMC test station

2000-01 Extension of all Structures - Founding TICOMEL ZUERICH AG -

New building in Gruiu, Romania - further transfers of production towards Romania - Installation of In - Circuit and functional test system

2002 Certification of production facility in Romania acc. ISO 9001/ 2000 - Founding TICOMEL IT

Start of market activities Italy, Agreement with SINTEL Italia

2003-04 Extension of SMD - Production and test systems - Change in Ceritification Ticomel Mendrisio acc. ISO 9001/ 2000 Transfer of filter assembvly and testing to Romania

2005-06 Introduction of ERP Software NAVISION

Change of solder processes to lead-free solders

Change of the production acc. RoHS requirements. The facility in Gruiu, Romania has been extended.

2007 Move to new manufacturing location (+3000 m2). Further investments in SMD mounting equipment

Move to "SCHURTER" building in Zone San Martino, Mendrisio

Aquisition of TICOMEL SA by SCHURTER HOLDING, Luzern

Business and Quality Policy

We intend to expand our market share and ensure a secure future for our company vy a high level of customer satisfaction.

Suppliers should accompany us in our increasing quality demands, we ensure this through careful assessments of the delivered goods, continuous monitoring of the promised delivery dates and the service provided.

Ticomel focuses on a customer-oriented quality policy. Together we determine the mutual quality standards. To fulfill the order, we provide the customer with our experience in developing and manufacturing available, in accordance with current standards and technical progress.

By professionally completing mandates, ensuring delivery, reliability in execution and a high level of service, we aim to consolidate the foundation for a long and deep collaboration.

Our employees are in a pleasant work environment through professional training and specialization to cope with the increasing demands at work, always in accordance with the professional and personal needs. We encourage our employees to think solution oriented so that their proposals can be implemented quickly and objectively.

The Ticomel uses its resources also for the general requirements of the community.

The knowledge and the implementation of the rules of quality management are mandatory for all employees of Ticomel SA.

Structure Switzerland

The location of the Ticomel SA in Mendrisio, we find the administration and logistics (purchasing, warehousing, shipping), and the electronics - the laboratory. A group of engineers, technicians and specialists have, together with a solid technical - productive training, many years of experience in the industry - electronics, development and manufacture of electromagnetic components and in the field of electromagnetic compatibility. (EMC).

This expertise is vital to our clients technically - to offer optimal and cost effective solutions.

In the plant in Mendrisio, there are 3 production lines: the manufacture of electromagnetic components and EMC - Component, filter for the radio interference and interference protection, and the manufacture and testing of circuit boards and electronic circuits. These 3 lines are equipped with modern and efficient production equipment and machines which guarantee a rapid, yet precise manufacturing. These modern facilities provide cost-effective in Switzerland as the production of technically demanding circuits.

The goods passes to various bodies to monitor the production processes and to regulate. Systematic tests are carried out, the maintenance of a mechanical measure up to the computer - concern on supported values ​​and testing of electrical specifications. If deviations are detected, corrective measures in the production can be initiated immediately and eliminate the causes of errors.

Structure Romania

In our facility in Romania, more than 450 productive employees, engineers and specialists are employed. They produce in a modern building complex in Gruiu near Bucharest , winding goods, power components and electromagnetic filters for industrial and EMC - applications​​, assemble and test electronic circuits. In another hall mechanical and electrical or electronic devices and appliances are installed and tested.

Thanks to its favorable cost structure in Romania, demanding and labor-intensive products are manufactured and service is offered to a high standard, "Made in Europe", which compared to Asian manufacturers, are absolutely attractive.

This well-organized logistics guarantees the weekly transport of goods to and from our factory in Romania. This allows us also with a relatively large distance to Switzerland to offer short-term appointments.

The Romanian plant is ISO 9001:2000 certified and operates according to international industry standards.


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