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> New capacitive touch controllers AMT and PenMount
Partnership SCHURTER, Danielson and AMT

SCHURTER and AMT are successful close partners since 14 years in the field of customized Touch Panel solutions. Danielson, as a new member of the SCHURTER Group, is fully integrated into this partnership. The AMT PCAP and resistive touch sensors and controller-systems are available for the entire SCHURTER Group.

Latest specifications PenMount controllers

Immunity for industrial and medical environments

AMT with their PenMount PCAP controller series has now released the new boards PM1x10, which meet the EMC standards for industrial and medical applications. These certifications are a big step forward to realize reliable PCAP systems in the industrial and medical market.

Fulfillment EMC requirements

The fulfillment of these high EMC requirements was made possible by appropriate modifications in the design of the PCAP sensor as well as the hardware and firmware of the controller system. The firmware includes a complementary frequency-hopping with dozens of alternate frequencies to lower interference frequencies and a differential analysis method to decrease interference in the medium frequency range. The sense channels of the microcontroller from Microchip are equipped with passive filters against high-frequency interferences. To increase the signal-to-noise ratio, charge pumps have been integrated into the drive lines.


Immunity for Medical Electrical Equipment

- EN 60601-1-2 (NEW 2014-02) Radiated EMI tested with 28V / m, Criterion A - no misinterpretation

Immunity for industrial environments

- IEC 61000-4-3 Radiated electromagnetic interference tested with 10V / m, Criterion A - no misinterpretation

- IEC 61000-4-6 Immunity to conducted disturbances, tested with 10Vrms, Criterion A - no misinterpretation

- EN 61000-4-2 Immunity to Electrostatic discharge (ESD) ESD test with 8kV contact discharge and 15kV air discharge

For more information please contact our product managers Ronald van der Voort (Danielson) or Roland Maurer (SCHURTER).

ronald.vandervoort (at)

r.maurer (at)


> New Capacitive Controller
Expensonsion of our product range

SCHURTER and Danielson expanded their wide range of capacitive touch solutions to a new controller for projective-capacitive touchscreens, which fully satisfies the industrial requirements. Together with one of our major partners EETI, this controller was developed to meet the increasing market demands on capacitive technology.

SCHURTER and Danielson are Europe's No.1 for touchscreens and touch panels. With over 20 years of experience in touch technologies', our customers have a competent and strong partners by their side. In 2011, a wide range of capacitive touch screen solutions was introduced to the market by SCHURTER and Danielson, which is extended continuously to the latest technologies.

Features of the new controller

The new PCAP controller has, thanks to an excellent combination with the latest sensor, been added with five specific characteristics:

- Hand palm rejection

- Water detection

- Multi touch up to 10 fingers simultaneous

- EMC 10 v/M (radiated and conductive)

- Improved gloved operations

For more information about this new controller, please contact your local contact person from SCHURTER or Danielson.

Video New PCAP Controller


Danielson_capacitive_switch_development_tool_self capacitance
> Capacitive Switch Solutions
Development tool

Danielson, member of the SCHURTER group, is Europe’s no.1 in touchscreens. For over 20 years Danielson is providing resistive touchscreens. In 2011 Danielson started to provide a wide range of capacitive touchscreens. Now Danielson introduces a tool enabling our engineers to develop the best capacitive solutions for its customers including keys, sliders and wheels.

If you have an enquiry for a man machine interface and you like to get the best solution, how do you start? Which combination of keys is required? How can you optimize the graphics? How do you get the required image? Which controller is the best solution? Danielson has an answer for all of this.

With the growing demand in capacitive switches, the request for the best controller is increasing. Danielson decided to build a centre of expertise for capacitive solutions. This video explains how this can be of benefit to you.

Video Capacitive Switch Solutions (English)


> SCHURTER acquires Danielson Europe
SCHURTER Holding AG has acquired Danielson Europe B.V. from Hydratec N.V., Amersfoort (Netherlands). Retroactive to January 1, 2014, SCHURTER has integrated that company into its Division Input Systems and in doing so is expanding its territory into Netherlands and Great Britain.

Through the acquisition of Danielson Europe B.V., the SCHURTER Group is strengthening its position in the growing market for input systems. Danielson has facilities in Hardenberg (Netherlands), Amersfoort (Netherlands) and Aylesbury (U.K.). With 150 employees, the company develops and manufacturers input systems with resistive and capacitive technologies as well as membrane keyboards for industrial applications. Last year consolidated sales amounted to 19.3 million euros.

Active in the electronics industry, the SCHURTER Group has its headquarters in Lucerne (Switzerland) and has more than 1480 employees around the world. Its Division Components and Division Input Systems together generated consolidated sales of CHF 174.7 million in 2013. While the Division Components is active around the world, the Division Input Systems has until now concentrated on the markets in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. For more than 40 years and working in close collaboration with its customers, SCHURTER has developed, manufactured and marketed input systems, touch screens and touch panels, capacitive sensor keypads, membrane keypads and housing systems.

With this acquisition, SCHURTER is gaining entry into the markets for input systems in Benelux, Scandinavia, Great Britain and France. The expansion allows even better support for customers thanks to direct contacts with the company and an expanded network of expert partners. In addition, with this acquisition the Division Input Systems is adding to its portfolio of technologies.

Danielson Europe



> PCI systems for industrial applications
The PCI multi-touch panels (Projected Capacitive Input Systems) from SCHURTER comply with the EMC standards for industrial applications. The front glass surfaces that cover the entire operating area on the front offer many design possibilities by rear printing and by selecting different surface structures and geometries.

PCI panels allow the user to operate the system with more than just one finger at a time. Multi-touch technology, which is familiar due to its use in smartphones and tablet PCs, has been further developed for industrial use. Depending on the size and requirements, there are touch sensors designed differently for integration behind customized front glasses available. Glass-based sensors are bonded in an automated, highly transparent UV bonding process, film sensors are laminated with a special lamination process in the autoclave with the cover glass. The bonding with a carrier plate or with a housing enables a peripheral protection against mechanical stress on the edges.

The PCI touch panels from SCHURTER offer accurate activation, are easy to clean, chemically resistant as well as scratch- and abrasion-resistant. The parameter adjustment of the touch controller prevents false activation caused by dirt or fluids and allows for operation with gloves.

By selecting an anti-glare and chemically-strengthened glass, the PCI touch panels are particularly suitable for use in industrial automation, engineering and medical technology.

General Product Information


> Multi-touch input system with glass surface
With its new PCI (Projected Capacitive Input) touch-screen technology, SCHURTER is expanding its family of input systems with glass surfaces that cover the entire operating area on the front. The PCI touch panels function with high positioning accuracy, are easy to clean, resistant to scratches, abrasion as well as chemicals and find a wide variety of applications in industrial automation and machine construction.

The new PCI (Projected Capacitive Input) technology makes it possible to build touch screens with a scratch-proof glass surface that extends across the entire front of the device. PCI panels allow the user to operate the system with more than just one finger at a time. Multi-touch technology, which is familiar due to its use in smartphones and tablet PCs, has been further developed for industrial use and offers the potential for a major leap in innovation with regards to operating concepts in machine construction and industrial automation.

Touch gestures such as spreading fingers to zoom or flicking to scroll quickly are evaluated by the application software. The PCI panel becomes an intuitive and completely integrated operating concept. In the industrial sector, touch gestures find use for example when “flicking through” possible settings and when searching a document for specific information. Further possibilities are navigating by flicking through overviews and magnifying process photographs and characteristic curves using the spread gesture.

Glass offers many options in ergonomic design because of its double-sided printing and the design of customer-specific geometries as well as a variety of surface structures. Gapless bonding to a carrier plate or in a housing allows the continuous mechanical protection of the glass edges and simplifies assembly of the display and its electronics.

The use of multi-touch sensors from ITO (indium tin oxide) foil layers also allows arched operating panels. Options include illuminated function keys, sliders and wheels outside the multi-touch display’s active surface and integrated behind the glass panel.

Optimal application areas for the PCI touch panel are industrial automation, machine construction, medical technology, POI/POS terminals, instrumentation systems as well as the military, aerospace and foodstuffs industries.


> Robust Glass Surface in the new GFG Touch Screen
The GFG (Glass-Film-Glass) touch screen extends the established analogue-resistive touch screen technology with a high-grade design.

With its robust glass surface the touch screen is designed for harsh environmental conditions. The extended temperature scope of the GFG touch screen ranges from -40 °C bis +90 °C. The glass surface guarantees resistance against chemicals and scratches. The GFG touch screen can therefore be used with keys, pens or gloves without causing damage.

A thin top glass is adhesed transparently from end to end onto the ITO covered polyester foil. This results in a strong bind between the glass and the polyester foil. Even in the case of the glass breaking from an extreme force, there are no loose pieces of glass; the splinters remain attached to the adhesive.

Optimal applications for the GFG touch screen include industry automation, mechanical engineering, medical technology, POI / POS, measuring systems, millitary, air travel, food industry, computer and displays.


> SCHURTER - Worldwide First Industry Level Multifinger Touch Screen.
SCHURTER has developed the first industry level multifinger touch screen - the MFO touch screen - with a controller for the mass market.

The MFO (Multi Finger Operation) touch screen is based on the renouned analogue-resistive 5-wire technology. A data input with two or more fingers at the same time is now possible with the MFO touch screen by SCHURTER.

For safety applications it is often required to make commands with both hands. This "acceptance-key" function is fulfilled by SCHURTER. With one finger the action can be requested, with the second finger, the command can be carried out - however only when both fingers touch the screen. For the aspect of safety it is also important in medical technologies, that certain actions are only carried out with two confirmed commands. Starting actions or changing configurations unintentionally by inadvertant contact is therefore impossible.

The multifinger operation of the MFO touch screen allows the user to open a submenu with one finger and at the same time changing or setting values with another finger. Wading though menus is therefore not necessary. Logging on to the system requires a CTR-ALT-DEL, this can be entered on the touch screen on a virtual keyboard. A hardware keyboard is not neccesary any more. Furthermore touching both the shift and other keys at the same time is now possible. A part of the screen can now be enlarged, made smaller or moved with the MFO touch screen with two finger gestures. The driver software for the MFO controller allows for an extensive gesture recognition, numerous functions are now available.

With the MFO touch screen new and various designs are possible for user interfaces, with diagonals from 3" -22" possible. The technology of the MFO touch screen can be combined with a glass surface, which allows for a scratch resistant surface for harsh environmental conditions. Optimal application ranges for the MFO touch screen include industrial machines, mechanical engineering, medical technologies, POI / POS, measuring systems, millitary, air travel, food industry, computer and displays.



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